Like getting your money's worth? Here's the Top 10 reasons!

Like getting your money's worth? Here's the Top 10 reasons!

Thanks to technology Outsmarted is the board game that keeps on giving...

But, what are the 10 biggest reasons it's better than the old-fashioned board games it's up against?

1. More immersive, more exciting, more thrilling. The countdown, sound effects and hands-on nature of Outsmarted make it more like a Quiz Show than a board game. It beats reading a text question from a little card in a box... 

2. More questions. As standard Outsmarted comes with over 7,000 questions including the free bonus categories. That's over 7 times the number of questions you'd get in a typical trivia board game!

3. More game modes. Do want a timed game? An individual game? Points game? Turbo mode? Play with just one device or stream it to your TV with multiple connected devices? It's like an acrobat compared to its competition...  

4. It's always up to date. All of the questions in Outsmarted are updated regularly and our Breaking News category is updated daily! In comparison a traditional board game is out of date the moment you buy it and it's only downhill from there...   

5. It's not just a game it's a platform with a rapidly expanding library of question categories to choose from. No other board game does anything like it. 

6. Frequent updates and new features. Other board games are the same, they'll never change. Outsmarted changes with every update so it's always exciting even years from now. 

7. It's remote-play capable. It's a world first and it opens up a new world of possibilities, it's possibly the most exciting thing that's happened in board games in almost half a century. 

8. Next generation questions. Almost every question in Outsmarted features a picture, song clip or video clip elevating the gameplay to the next level. 

9. Anyone can win. Thanks to Outsmarted's game AI, junior and teen players get age appropriate questions to create a level playing field where anyone in the family can win! No other board game does that... 

10. It's highly educational. Many of our junior and teen questions were written by school teachers and mirror the National Curriculum. The visual nature of the questions makes learning fun for younger players. Does your board game do that? 

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