Windows Installation Guide

Installation on Windows 10 & 11 (via Microsoft Edge browser)

We recommend installing Outsmarted on your Windows device using the Microsoft Edge browser

STEP 1 - Please click on this link to our downloads page for the Windows download.

STEP 2 – Please click on the Windows 10 icon to begin installing the Windows version

STEP 3 – Your download will begin (called Outsmarted V2.exe), once downloaded in the top left of the browser window you will see the downloaded file and when you place your mouse over the file you will see a bin icon and three dots to the right of the filename

STEP 4 - Select the three dots to the right of the filename and choose KEEP from the list of available options. Immediately, you will see a popup asking “Make sure you trust Outsmarted V2.exe before you open it”. Select the link in this popup that says “Show more” and then select KEEP ANYWAY from the list of options displayed. Windows will now finalise your download which may take up to two minutes to complete.

STEP 5 -  Once your download is completed you will see a new option in a small font size underneath the filename which says “open file”. Click on this link.

STEP 6 – Now complete the installation process and Outsmarted and once complete locate the Outsmarted icon on your desktop to run the game. Now you should be ready to begin!

** If you have the previous version of Outsmarted for Windows installed please uninstall it first, to do this go to add or remove programs on you Windows device and then locate Outsmarted and select uninstall